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Cardiac Services

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The Scottish Paediatric Cardiac Service (SPCS) is based at the Royal Hospital for Children (RHC) and is the tertiary referral centre for children and young adults with heart conditions. 

The team that makes up SPCS provide cardiac surgery and cardiac catheter procedures for children across Scotland. 

Catheter procedures treat both structural and electrophysiological (heart rhythm) conditions.  There is a dedicated cardiac ward, Ward 1E, where we care for our patients. 

SPCS also provides a Fetal Cardiology service in conjunction with the Fetal Medicine Team at the QEUH to diagnose cardiac conditions before birth. 

All complex cardiac investigations are delivered at RHC cardiac MRI.  The team deliver both inpatient and outpatient care for babies, children and young adults up to their 16th birthday.

Our team

Our team consists of:

Clinical Director

  • Dr Mark Davidson

 Cardio-thoracic surgery

  • Mr Mark Danton
  • Mr Andrew McLean
  • Mr Ed Peng


  • Dr Lindsey Hunter
  • Dr Maria Ilina
  • Dr Brodie Knight
  • Dr Karen McLeod
  • Dr Patrick Noonan
  • Dr Ben Smith
  • Dr Muhamad Walayat

 Cardiac Nurse Specialists

  • Carla McLaughlin
  • Claire Cairney
  • Emma Kiley
  • Lorraine Mulholland

 Advanced Nurse Practitioners

  • Alison Buller
  • Donna Nelson
  • Natalie Smith
Cardiac Nurse Specialists - how can they help me?

Who are we?

The Cardiac Nurse Specialist (CNS) Team provide ongoing support, information and advice to children, young people and their families who have a congenital (present from birth) or an acquired (develops after birth) heart condition. The CNS team may meet patients during a hospital admission, or at clinic appointments or may provide support and advice to patients at home.

The CNS team consists of Senior Nurses who are experienced in caring for children with heart conditions and are knowledgeable in the many aspects of care your child may need.

We may become involved as soon as a child is diagnosed with a heart condition, this may happen before a child is born. This support may continue until the young person transitions (moves on) to the Scottish Adult Congenital Cardiac Service.

What kind of support can the Cardiac Nurse Specialist team provide?

  • The support offered includes
  • Non urgent telephone advice and support (Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm excluding public holidays).
  • Antenatal (before birth) support, counselling and pre birth preparation.
  • Support for children and their families at the time of diagnosis.
  • Education on heart conditions and the necessary treatment or interventions.
  • Advice and information for your child’s nursery or school and the development of a collaborative care plan
    (if required).
  • Liaising with educational services
  • Attend outpatient clinics to support families during and, or after consultations.
  • Attending clinics to help prepare patients and families for cardiac surgery.
  • Providing children, young people and their families with written information about their condition.
  • Providing support and education during hospital admissions.
  • Assisting teenagers in the transition process to adult services.
  • Providing information about local and national support groups.
  • Liaising with other health or social care providers e.g. Community Children’s Nurses, Health Visitors, Social Work, Dietetics, Family Support, Money Advice Services, Clinical Psychology.
  • Providing bereavement support to families.

Who can use the service?

Any child, young person and their family across Scotland who has a heart condition.

Contact details

You can contact our non urgent advice line on:

Telephone: 0141 452 4925 Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm (excluding public holidays)

Please note that our advice line is a voicemail service. Please leave a message including your child’s name, date of birth, a short message and your contact number and a member of staff will contact you as soon as possible.


Should you need out of hours advice please contact our cardiac ward, Ward 1E:

Telephone: 0141 452 4438

For urgent advice or emergency care please seek this via your local GP, NHS 24, local Emergency Department or 999.

Pre-Assessment -What to expect
If you would like more information before you come to pre assessment clinic please call:
Cardiac Nurse Specialists 0141 452 4925 (Leave a message and you will get a call back)
If you become unwell (fever, cough, cold, upset tummy) or if you have or have been a close contact of some-one with Covid-19 please call:
Secretaries 0141 451 6541 (surgery) or 0141 451 6551 (Catheter procedure)

The cardiology Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) team has 3 ANPs: Alison, Donna and Natalie 

Prior to your heart procedure you may be asked to attend pre assessment clinic at the Children’s Hospital in Glasgow. Here you will meet an ANP and a nurse from the cardiology ward.

At this clinic we will be assessing that you are fit to have your procedure, as it is important that you are well with no coughs/colds/fevers or upset tummy.

When you come to pre assessment clinic it is often a busy morning and, depending on what investigations you need, it could take up to 4 hours. Make sure you bring a drink and a snack.

We will start by asking questions about how you are feeling and your symptoms in relation to your heart condition.

We also need to know about:

  • previous admissions to hospital,
  • other medical teams you may see
  • and about any current medicines you are taking (it may help to bring a list).

You will be examined, including listening to your heart and lungs with a stethoscope, feeling your tummy and take your temperature, heart rate and oxygen levels.

If bloods need to be taken at pre assessment clinic you will be offered cold spray or Emla cream, if wanted, to numb the area. The play specialist can come and help distract you or you are welcome to watch your favourite video on your device.

If an echo, ECG or x-ray are necessary you will be directed to these departments.

We will also talk to you about what to expect when you come in to ward 1E, the procedure, the recovery process and what to expect at discharge home.

Below are some videos you may want to watch before you come to see us:

Having a blood test


Having an Echo

Having an ECG


Having an Xray

Contact us

If you need to contact us you can contact the Cardiac Nurse Specialists by:

Phone: 0141 451 5750


Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 12 January 2021

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