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Play in hospital

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Teddy Bear Hospital: This provides a safe environment to help prepare children/young people for any procedures they may have to undertake.

Health Play Specialists: Any child/young person who has any anxieties, additional support needs or has had a distressing experience can make an appointment and will have support and preparation from a Health Play specialist. Contact 0141 452 4009

Play Assistants: Inpatients receive normalising and developmental play from Play assistants who are ward based.

Other opportunities for play/entertainment in RHC:

Please note: due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic some of these services may currently be closed or limited for infection control reasons

Play areas:

  • There is an outside play area to the side of the hospital
  • There is interactive play for children who are attending clinic appointments located in the Atrium

Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 12 January 2021

Next review: 12 January 2022